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Sonntag, 30. Oktober 2011

50 Characters Challenge die Zweite

Ich bin schon viel weiter gekommen. Mir fehlen nur noch 5. Die letzten beiden sind: Deine Lieblings weibliche und Deine Lieblings männliche Person. Und ich habe absolut keine Ahnung wer das sein sollte. Ich liebe so viele Charaktere...

16. The Hunter - Jango Fett
17. The one who always seems to get captured
18. Vampire - Mick StJohn
19. Werewolf. - Vivian
20. Other Mythical creature. - Tinkerbelle
21. The one who doesn't want the big 'prize'- Charlie Buck
22. The adventurer - Lara Croft
23. The one who loses someone close to them. - Steve McGarrett
24. The one who loses the important object - Thor
25. The Bitchy enemy. - Anna from V
26. The Enemy‘s sidekick - Shego from Kim Possible
27. The unlucky one - Spencer Reid
28. The singer - Johnny Cash
29. The one who has the weird friends - Seeley Booth
30. The scaredy cat. - JD
31. The one who always gets blamed. - Zane Donovan
32. The one taken from normal life and plunged into something completely different. - Lincoln Six Echo/ Jordan Two Delta
33. A soldier. - Captain Becker
34. Someone who should be in it more - Joshua in V
35. The teacher. - Dewey Finn
36. The musician - Ray Charles
37. The Normal Girl - Ariadne from Inception
38. The Normal Guy - Doug from Hangover
39. The Love- Birds - Ned and Chuck
40. The Ex's - Nick and Helen
41. The stupid bad guy - Justin Hammer in Iron Man 2
42. The thief. - Danny Ocean and gang
43. The Criminal - Captain Malcom Reynolds
44. The Sarcastic. - Leonard McCoy
45. The one who is constantly in trouble. - C3PO

-> Und hier geht's zu den sets

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